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Friday, January 23, 2015

Misery and beyond

Yay! George wasn’t cancerous!  The rotten squatter did weigh a pound, and I was really happy to see him go, but recover after surgery was a beast!

Several of my organs went on strike after the procedure and the following 2 ½ weeks were complete misery. While I was convalesing at my mom’s house during that time, Captain Awesome was so worried about making me feel worse he slept on the floor by my bedside for the entire two weeks. He wanted to make sure I didn’t need anything while I slept.

I told you he was awesome!           I also count myself lucky to have the best Mom in the world!


Between the two of them and other family members, I was able to get back on my feet. I resembled a human question mark for a long time and slouched around the house like a crippled zombie, but by week three I was able to go back to work.  

It’s a good thing I can do that while laying in a recliner in my PJs! During that time I completed Book 3. Three Insane Trust Exercises. (Not to be confused with Three Critical Mistakes. I’m working on that one at the same time and decided it would be Book 4 instead of 3.) Insane Trust Exercises will be out the door to critique and beta readers very soon!

So, happy day, I can’t move faster than a 40-minute mile, (totally pathetic unless you’re 70 years old.) but I’m at least able to get up and do things on my own now!

Thanks to all those who kept me in their thoughts and prayers during this very scary and trying time. I really appreciate it!  God Bless!