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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

One Little Miracle At A Time

Hey, our prayers were answered yesterday! A surgical spot opened up for Tuesday the 16th. (Was scheduled for the 19th) You wouldn't think three days would make that much of a difference, but its HUGE when you want to evict an internal intruder.

When I told Awesome about the new surgery date, he picked me up off the ground and hugged me--while I was still on the phone with the nurse.  After I got off, my whole family did the Happy Dance.

Then I thought, "Wait a minute! I'm excited to get cut open??" Jeesh! That really doesn't sound fun, but I'm still clinging to the hope that its a rogue fibroid and it'll be sentenced to the trash bin with relative ease.

Yes, I'm still shamelessly soliciting prayers on my behalf! Thanks for them and all the well wishes!

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