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Friday, December 12, 2014

Visit To The Oncologist...


I went to see the oncologist today.

Along with a fear of it being cancer, I was concerned that I'd have to wait for weeks to get into surgery. Dr. Soussin (pronounced soy 'as in sauce' - son) walked into the room with an energetic bounce in his step and an engaging smile that acted like a soothing blast of reassurance. "I've looked at the scans," he said, "and I'm pretty sure it's not cancer."

I'll skip the doctor speak. In layman's terms, it seems most likely that George is a massive fibroid that got started in or on the uterus.

I thought, Yay! Wait, does that mean you're going to refer me to someone else and I have to start all over? That could mean weeks of waiting to get into see a doctor and then they'd need time to schedule the surgery...


The oncologist continued, "But ..." (It's never good when doctors use that word) "Because of the size, we can't rule it out. If its not cancerous and you want to try to have more children, we could ..."  He gave me options which would shrink the puppy-sized mass down a little...

  Not enough to be worth a try.

If they were able to shrink it, there was still a high probability that it would just come back. Ultimately, the doctor arrived at the last option which was a partial hysterectomy. I could tell it was the option he thought was best for me because he said he didn't think I'd ever be able to carry a baby. So basically, what's the point of keeping it if George trashed the place and the housing authority condemned it?

It's not like I was using the uterus anyway. Years ago, post pregnancy, I had a Deep Vein Thrombosis (That's a fancy name for a blood clot. The layman's term always grossed me out because it sounds like something you'd blow out your nose) At the time I was diagnosed the the DVT, the obgyn told me I was at a high risk of developing more and losing my life if I were to get pregnant again. He said, "Live to raise the kids you've got."

I never accepted it. I always wanted more. The Lord sided with the doctor and blood thinning meds cause birth defects, so there are multiple issues that supported giving up the innards George vandalized.

On a happy note, unlike the first doctor, Dr. Soussin doesn't think George did the amoeba thing to the ovaries. He said I should be able to keep them. :)  Hallelujah! I was really worried about becoming a raving beastie without hormones (There is no option of replacement therapy when you've got a risk of blood clots (cough) I mean Deep Vein Thrombosis.

Because I've always mourned the loss of the children I wasn't able to have, I never would've thought I'd be counting down the days for a partial hysterectomy. George's eviction should take place on December 19th.

Hmm, I wonder if I should have Awesome host a farewell party the day after I get out of the hospital. This is probably what it would look like...

What do you think? Would you party if you could?

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