"The power of the pen is unknown until you pick it up."

About Me

Kierstin Marquet says if she wrote a book about herself it would be titled:  My Life is CRAZY, but Fun!

She was born and raised in Clearfield, Utah and has always written stories, but temporarily set them aside to pursue other goals. She put herself through school working at a preschool, and then graduated Cum Laude from Weber State University with a Bachelor's of Science in Criminal Justice and a Minor in Psychology. After graduating, she chased juvenile delinquents around Utah for a while before settling down to raise her kids.

Kierstin considers herself married to the most wonderful man that ever lived, and has two sons, who take after their dad in awesomeness. Her husband's federal law enforcement career dictated many overseas assignments so she has a lot of experience creatively stuffing things into boxes--some people call it packing. Once overseas, they had fun seeking out strange new places to explore, and got lost frequently. Kierstin has been to thirteen countries, (lived in Germany and the Middle East), and is excited to visit more exotic places in the coming years.

She loves target shooting, Nerf gun or lazer tag fights with her family, hiking and camping in the backcountry, traveling, scrapbooking, and sign language. She got serious about writing while living in the Middle East, and hopes there is a talent exchange program because she has put most of her other hobbies aside to focus on it. She's been writing steadily ever since.

Other skills Kierstin is currently developing are: losing track of time and falling asleep on the computer keyboard (she swears it's a lost art).  Thankfully her two boys are old enough to fix pizza, hot dogs, and other "healthy stuff", if their mom is comatose or otherwise occupied.

Kierstin's favorite genres are:  Clean Romantic Suspense, YA, and Fantasy.

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