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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Fighting Back


I need to take a mental restraining order out on George. He’s driving me crazy—rotten stalker. 

Of course he drags me down Worst Case Scenario Road and beats me with possibilities. His idea of fun is an emotional roller coaster ride that bashes you at the bottom. After giving his negativism a lot of thought, I fought back with the Pepper Spray of Faith and a Courage Taser. If things get really ugly, I’m not afraid to die. I’m not saying there’s not A LOT of regrets that make me cry—which I won’t get into because I don’t want to be an icky gooey mess again, but no fear.

I’ve been a good person. I’ve carefully followed the Gospel of Jesus Christ and done my best to pattern my life after His. I know that He lives and that He answers prayers. I’ve seen it in miraculous ways numerous times. If you look for the Lord in your life, you will find Him. If you put him first, He will take care of you. I LOVE the good feelings I get from following His example. Being kind to others gives me a Happy Rush. I can forget my own problems when I’m helping someone else feel better. It’s a lot of fun to help others too!

See what banishing George’s negativism did for me? Yesterday I was curled up in my closet (with a nice comfy blanket) bawling my eyes out. If I can remember to stay focused on my faith and courage anyone can!

P.S. The closet was the only place to go where I was sure I wouldn’t draw a crowd. I even fooled my constant companion—a 90-pound German shepherd.

Sometimes you just need to be by yourself and have a good cry. Once you’re done, and you have a good nap, the world looks a whole lot better. 

What do you think? Does it a good cry work for you, or would you have invited the dog in to provide some comfort?

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