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Saturday, December 6, 2014



Yay! Six hours of sleep. Wish it were longer, but at least things are making sense now. After taking Ambien (never had it before) I was awake for about half an hour and was still in a mindless zombie state. Not tired, just lacking neurons that fired at the same time. I told Awesome that I felt more relaxed, but was “Still here.” I went to bed hoping for the best and closed my eyes. After a while I told him, “I’m still awake, but I see fairies—like they’re in a dream.”

He said, “Yeah, that sounds like Ambien.” If he said anything else, I don’t remember it.

I went online to see how sleep deprivation affects people. This is what I found:

"In Sleepless in America, National Transportation Safety Board member Mark Rosalind puts it in stark terms: "Every aspect of who you are as a human, every capability is degraded, impaired, when you lose sleep. What does that mean? Your decision-making, reaction time, situational awareness, memory, communication, and those things go down by 20% to 50%"

sleepy girl

I think I was down to 85-90%

I think I was down to 85-90% in those areas.

Read more:  http://forumblog.org/2014/12/10-ways-sleep-deprivation-affects-you/#ixzz3L7STwlPz 

This morning I slept until 5:00 AM so now, its decision time:

-Do I stay at Mom’s house where I can lose my emotional cookies and get a free pass for being hysterical?

-Do I go home to be with my kids and try not to lose my mental hardware in front of them? No sense giving them sleepless nights—then we’d all be sleep-deprived zombies.


I mean someone’s got to be able to cook a frozen pizza.

What would you do? 

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