"The power of the pen is unknown until you pick it up."

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


This could also be an informercial on how NOT to introduce yourself.

While on the plane bound for LDStorymaker’s Writer’s Conference, I was trying to memorize the latest version of my pitch. I was totally engrossed in highlighting the hard parts and…I don’t know maybe I hit the button a little too hard because the pen’s innards launched across the lady sitting next to me and landed beside her husband’s khaki-colored pants leg!

What do you say? “Excuse me, I didn’t intentionally throw green highlighter at you…”

Searching for the pieces turned out to be an icebreaker—no his pants weren’t ruined and yes, I did collect all of the pen’s NINE pieces. The wife and I chatted briefly about our reasons for travel.


Five days later, I’m sitting in the airport waiting to board, and I see the same couple sitting across from me waiting to get on the same plane. We laugh at the irony, and then the husband asks what seat I’m in. I looked and no kidding we were all sitting on the same row again. What are the odds?

This nice couple had another family member with them. They all said they liked suspense novels, which is what I write. Of course I gave them my card and then pulled out the book I was reading; Gregg Luke’s Do No Harm. I told them it was an awesome book and because I’d met Gregg at the conference, I had his bookmark for Bloodborne. I passed it on to them intending to track Gregg down and asking him to send me more.


Am I the only one that would put all of the pen’s NINE pieces into a baggie to take home so their kids, who love to take pens apart, could reassemble them? Should I seek medical attention, or is that okay?

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Jordan McCollum said...

Crazy coincidence!

Bringing home the pen in pieces sound totally okay to me!